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Mommy's Medicine is a candid short story about one young boy's discovery of cannabis, What it is? How does it work? Who uses it and why some people can get in trouble for it while others don't. Mommy's Medicine pleasantly highlights the important truths about cannabis. This is great for children ages 6-13 and we are excited to share our experience with you all. Jordan authored this book on his own I merely helped to string some of his stories and responses together and narrow down on what we could best explain and educate others about confidently.

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About The Authors

Jordan Harmon

Jordan is a 13-year-old filmmaker and lacrosse player from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Jordan started writing stories and creating shorts at the age of 10 and it has been an amazing form of expression for all his creative talents. Jordan worked harder in school early on than most battling speech delays, impediments, and later being diagnosed with Autism found animation and storytelling a therapuetic and an effective fun way for him to communicate exactly how he feels. Now 13 years old and aspiring filmmaker and avid toy collector Jordan has manifested all of his efforts into becoming an accomplished capable young man. To see more of his early work until his website is completed please visit his youtube channel. 

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Sheena Roberson

Sheena Roberson is the founder of Cannabis Noire an organization developed to help minorities and underrepresented groups access the cannabis community and industry. Sheena is an educator and advocates for medicinal cannabis and works diligently in her community and beyond to support returning citizens. As a patient and the mother of a child who was a candidate for CBD it was important Jordan understood what it was and why it was used You can read more about cannabis and motherhood from Sheena by submitting your email to be the first to receive our: Parent's guide to Cannabis

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