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Cannabis Noire


Cannabis Noire is committed to creating a more diverse and inclusive cannabis space. Our goal is to continuously offer resources and opportunities that expose untapped demographics and help highlight qualified candidates from overlooked applicants. Below are active positions and business opportunities that you can apply directly or through us. If you need help applying, developing, or revamping your resume or are seeking cannabis business information or education don't hesitate to email us and start a dialogue so we can help you accomplish your goals.


The number of employed patients is growing everyday. It is critical to the successful integration of the cannabis industry that the workforce is equipped to support and sustain healthy employee, employer relationships. This means we must educate businesses on the medicinal usage and benefit for employees along witht heir rights and responsibiites as MMJ patients.


We also work to ensure employers understand their rights and responsibiities as employers to MMJ patients. The more we know the better we can support a growing patient program spanning nearly 22,000 citizens. For more infomation on how to schedule a session or book a workshop email us directly at

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