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We take advocacy seriously and believe that it is important that supporters of cannabis be educated and properly equipped to be active in the fight for patients and policy that reflects a more equitable and diverse space. We have information and resources here on the platform to help you learn, navigate, and contribute to criminal justice reform efforts. 

Some of our partners in the fight for restorative justice

Equity First Alliance
The mission of Equity First Alliance is to harness the political power of cannabis organizers that work at the intersection of the cannabis industry, racial equity, and reparative justice. Through education, mobilization, dialogue, engagement, and collective action, we work to advance equity in the cannabis industry, to repair harms of the War on Drugs, and to seek justice for those who have been most harmed by it.

A conversation about the decriminalization of Marijuana! We sat doown with TCP radio to discuss recent legislation changes and thoughts around what decriminilzation should and could mean for communitites of color.


“20% of a business may be controlled by a racial minority, meaning the business has a minority owner but is not minority-owned.”

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What Exactly is National Expungement Week?

Advocacy Training

 Understanding civic policy and basic legislation are imperative to properly addressing indiscretions, unsatisfactory legislation, and challenge unfit regulations and regulators. We've partner with amazing civic leaders and representatives dedicated to empowering voters through education and resources allowing them to be more active in their city and state leadership. 



Our urban garden program focuses on educating communities on how to create and maintain their own sustainable neighborhood gardens. It is our hope to continue to build our storage container gardens throughout communities lacking access to fresh healthy options in an attempt to create options, provide resources, instill pride and educate people on the importance of growing and total health. We have most recently rehabbed a shipping container into an indoor climate-controlled garden, ideal fr controlled growing and out of season produce especially in neighborhoods condemned to poor food options.

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Help us eliminate food deserts and create more agricultural opporutunitites through STEAM  programming and applications.

In order to make an effective impact and develop tangible solutions, we must educate people on what to support and why!


We have online easy tutorials to explain:

  • How to create legislation

  • Understanding candidates

  • How voting and legislation work.

  • How to build effective campaigns of support

  • Cannabis law and legislation

  • Cannabis rights and responsibilities


PTSD Depression and Anxiety in the Minority Community


Our community still reeling from the after-effects of the War on Drugs and a variety of other obstacles that need education and support as it relates to mental health medicinal cannabis resources and therapy. Many cases go unaddressed undiagnosed and in turn unassisted. It is important that we do not overlook the under-sourced in the battle of mental health. Lacking the proper assistance resources and outlets pushes some to self medicate. Which without the proper therapy and prescription can be not only ineffective but illegal sending many down a vicious cycle of jail, poverty and poor mental health. It is our hope that through programming workshops and therapies with our community partners and fellow advocates we can effectively serve and support our community members in need.

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IGNITE re-entry program

Our program provides resources, support, and access to re-entry community members and their loved ones in an effort to help with the health re-acclimation to society and successful rehabilitation of communities.

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