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Sheena M. Roberson is the founder and visionary of Cannabis Noire a company focused on providing education and resources to minorities and underrepresented groups to provide opportunities within the cannabis industry and community. “Creating the space” we wish to see. Sheena is a highly sought after entrepreneur and consultant with more than 12 years of experience in marketing and community engagement, Sheena has helped both established and startup companies forge meaningful connections with their audiences. A high-energy and success-driven senior executive with a broad toolkit of business development, digital marketing, and sales management skills Sheena has developed a strong reputation for the ability to consistently drive progressive and profitable change and results. She now uses these skills to ensure people of color gain equal access and opportunities within the cannabis industry and community through education, resources, and advocacy via her company Cannabis Noire. Sheena has worked diligently to create brands, businesses, and opportunities that both herself, team, and clients can be proud of.

Sheena is a Philadelphia native known for her active role in community outreach and improvement project development efforts. An advocate for a change she’s worked diligently with local non-profits and community organizations ( P.A.A.N, GPUAC, United Way, Yo ACAP, Nu Sigma Youth Services, Education works, Urban League of Philadelphia) in the city early on, developing networking and negotiation skills that have since served her well. Sheena is an award-winning marketing professional and cultural ambassador for People to People Student Ambassador Program where she trains advocates to evoke change in education globally. She has also done volunteer work for the United Way, including heading up the 2014 campaign in her then hometown of Atlanta where she was later appointed to Regional Marketing Director for Chick Fil A’s third-largest grossing revenue location nationwide.

Sheena was recognized with the Marketing Person of the Year Award by the National Chick Fil A Board of Directors for outstanding achievement in marketing strategies and execution in 2015. Other honors include being named one of Atlanta’s rising stars after successfully opening Chick Fil A's first kiosk stations in partnership with Coca Cola.

















Sheena is also a frequent and highly rated speaker on marketing and cannabis industry-related topics. Currently, Ms. Roberson is working to create opportunities for minorities within the cannabis space while helping rebrand the cannabis industry creating more realistic depictions of its uses and users. She also works directly with industry professionals to create more effective messaging for overlooked demographics. Cannabis Noire works to ensure that the emerging cannabis industry here in Philadelphia is educated, inclusive, and accessible to everyone.

“Sheena attended Bloomsburg University majoring in Business Communications and Economics. Sheena is a Philadelphia native known for her active role in community outreach and development initiatives.”

Sheena M. Roberson

Cannabis Noire, Founder


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