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Since our establishment in 2018 Cannabis Noire has been the premier Cannabis Organization in Philadelphia. Whether you're a seasoned cannabis enthusiast, advocate or patient, or just someone looking for fun, educational experiences, Cannabis Noire's membership program is for you. After you experience the personal and professional cannabis support our organization offers, you’ll understand what makes Cannabis Noire and our league of Dope Healer so incredibly special. It is because of these amazing experiences and opportunities we have opened up the options for membership Nationwide! That's right. No typo. No matter where in the country you call home you can be apart of the magic!


Learn from experts.


Build a better lifestyle and learn how to make self care more than just a routine.


Be a part of the change and create the industry and cannabis commuity you wish to see.


Build more sustainable scalable businesses for member owners.

Cannabis Noire National Business leadership council

Cannabis Noire National Members Organization 

Joining the Cannabis Noire National members organization is a fellowship of cannabis educators, enthusiasts, advocates, and patients from across the country connecting with one another to share resources and grow collectively to create leverage within the industry and ensure more equitable opportunities. Memberships levels vary but basic access is FREE! Indica members have an interesting Wellness and learn how to safely incorporate cannabis into their self-care regime. They are invested in building better bodies minds and spirits and learning more secure funding about holistic alternatives.

While Sativa members are more focused on business development, investments, and employee support. Sativa members are looking to utilize national networks to start to build and grow their business's services or products. 

Joining the Cannabis Noire business leadership council means being represented alongside other top businesses and owners committed to building a diverse and equitable future for the cannabis industry. With your help, we are able to ensure that cannabis businesses of all sizes and backgrounds always have access, resources, and support at all levels of growth.

Membership also provides you and your business with valuable networking opportunities, exclusive resources and education, a national platform to promote your business and valuable discounts from fellow community and industry partners.


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.


Why memberships?

When I started I had little to no budget, meaning I couldn’t afford mentorship or programs, and so I consumed all the content we could (for free) online, which only made matters worse because I wasn't able to digest it...

I didn’t know what would work and what wouldn’t, or what I should and shouldn’t be investing time and energy in, to get a return.

And... I also had no one to ask, the industry is new and ever-changing, and acquiring trustworthy teachers and experts and all of these space became increasingly frustrating.






This is why I founded The Cannabis Noire Membership Program so that people like us could find their support systems, as well as get affordable advice, guidance, education, support, and coaching from myself, and other industry experts with real results.

If you're looking for resources and yearning for support, then there's no better place for you than The Cannabis Noire Membership Program

With us, you’ll have access to a step-by-step guide to starting and growing your business, Masterclasses from industry experts so you have the information you need to conquer every area of business, and a community to connect and collaborate with. Not looking to start a business? Well, we have something for you too, we offer a variety of cannabis resources, products, and brand recommendations, member-only virtual and in-person engagements, and communities and networks both inside and out of our group to connect with.

We'd love to have you join us  if any of the above resonates.


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What we noticed about most memberships is that they’re usually filled with an overwhelming amount of information  which makes it really hard for you to know how to actually  take that information and action it in your life.
That’s why I created the Cannabis Noire Vendor Guide- a step-by-step foundational free with your membership. It’s your roadmap from 0-6 figures… and it’s not like other programs  that advocate just one route to success…because as you know by now, there are many!

Instead it’ll guide you on how to make educated decisions about the business you want to create, whether it’s product or service based, how you want to market that business and grow your audience… from there you can map out and identify your ideal business strategy based on your preferences.


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