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My name is Sheena Roberson and I am the founder of Cannabis Noire and Ignite Nonprofit. Cannabis Noire is a platform dedicated to helping minorities access both the cannabis industry and the community. We do this by providing tangible resources and identifying and creating opportunities that circumvent existing systematic barriers. Ignite nonprofit centers around reinvesting back into communities adversely impacted by the War on Drugs and supporting returning citizens and their loved ones. As former National Sales and Marketing Director for Chick Fil A Atlanta and corporate giving chair, my understanding of the importance of diversity and equity within corporate structures is experiential. It was from there I went on to begin educating companies and businesses of the importance of diversity and inclusion and how genuine well thought out efforts of maintaining or burgeoning equity could offer a measurable ROI  as it relates to profits and productivity. The intersection between diversity and inclusion in cannabis came when I realized how so many of the systematic barriers that were crippling our communities and corporate structures were limiting the cannabis industry and to add insult to injury criminalizing people of color for pursuing cannabis as a means to feed or clothe their families. 


 From these gaping holes and lack of minority and women presence, my platform was born and my mission began, I work tirelessly within the community and cannabis industry to bridge the gap and act as a healthy liaison to both parties in an effort to ensure that equitable reinvestments are made and previously overlooked concerns are considered. I speak now within the cannabis space not just to the importance of equity and diversity but the corporate social responsibility of cannabis businesses to the communities they infringe on, the need for more minority leadership, how to acquire funding, and how to use marketing and creativity to better brand and scale cannabis businesses. 

We also work diligently to create images and depictions of minorities that more accurately reflect cannabis users, helping to eliminate the stigma and support a shame-free cannabis lifestyle. We consult with businesses both within and out of the cannabis space to "bridge the gap" between communities and consumers. Offering a variety of supportive business services and resources, we provide unique cannabis networking experiences and travel options, offering students, followers, and supporters an unmatched culmination of cannabis experiences and information. We have strong ties to the community and support and advocate for them through regular and special programming both locally and nationally, steadily reinforcing narratives around the immediate need for criminal justice reform and support of those adversely impacted by The War in Drugs. 

Cannabis Education and Training

Learn how to secure gainful employment within the industry or acquire training and tools needed to start your own

Learn how to become a patient or certified cannabis caregiver

We work closely with providers and cannabis businesses to create hardship programs for those having trouble obtaining medicinal cannabis cards

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CEO and Visionary, Cannabis Noire

"Sheena Roberson is a highly sought after entrepreneur and consultant with more than 12 years of experience in marketing and community engagement, Sheena has helped both established and startup companies forge meaningful connections with their audiences. A high-energy and success-driven senior executive with a broad toolkit of business development, digital marketing, and sales management skills Sheena has developed a strong reputation for the ability to consistently drive progressive and profitable change and results. She now uses these skills to ensure people of color gain equal access and opportunities within the cannabis industry and community through education, resources and advocacy via her company Cannabis Noire.

Cannabis Corp Social Responsibility Fund and advocacy efforts

Learn more about our advocacy training and Corporate Social Responsibility Fund strategically designed to make tangible reinvestments back in the communities most adversely affected by the "War on Drugs".

Consulting & Educational Events

Join us for our regular networking and educational events or schedule an opportunity to schedule a one on one with us.

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