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The Cannabis Noire Education Group

The Cannabis Noire Education Group

is the premier educational and networking resources for new and existing cannabis businesses. We are a group of new and experienced educators and cannabis industry professionals dedicated to learning and creating wealth and improving and sustaining our health through cannabis. Let us help you ...


  • Start your own business

  • Build on an existing brand

  • Learn and understand the industry model

  • Qualify for cannabis employment opportunities

  • Help execute our Cannabis advocacy and legislative initiatives

  • Build your very own Canna Grow greenspace

  • Invest in Cannabis & more!


























 We are helping the industry create a standard of excellence for the cannabis space, and offer you tangible sources of support  to succeed.


            Cannabis Noire curates unique patient forward cannabis experiences designed to educate and equip cannabis community members with resources and support while connecting community members with cannabis industry professionals. Our goal is to create a more equitable cannabis space for both patients and entrepreneurs, we can do this by creating opportunities to have conversations to educate about the true needs and of these demographics and develop more effective strategies or support and restoration.

General cannabis education, understanding cannabis laws, cannabis business development and stability, cultivation, product sourcing, marketing, and legislation, etc are important to creating strategic leverage within the cannabis space. Join us for our many informational sessions and community gatherings to learn more about how to be a part of the cannabis industry.



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