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Cheers to bullshit-free news and actual resources you can use.


Since launching the Cannabis Noire Ambassador program, we’ve somehow had the good fortune of attracting a tribe of fanatical cannabis educators and enthusiasts.

All you amazing people out there have mailed us massive amounts of info, updates, pics and articles to share (keep it coming btw), supporting our events, and one of you beautiful deviants even had pizzas delivered to our office. Thanks, they were great!


However, the best thing you all have done for us is quite simple: you’ve convinced your friends to join Cannabis Noire and spoken out for Cannabis rights and opportunities for others. And we’re very thankful for that as we now have tons of people every month reading, supporting, attending and following Cannabis Noire.


And so, to thank you all, we’ve set up a private community where you can chat with one another as well as an Ambassador program so we can reward you for sharing Cannabis Noire while equipping you with the tools education and training you need to help educate and inform others.


Canna Culture Ambassadors help us brainstorm new products/content, test new features, take part in our events, and contribute to discussions with other Canna culture creators.



There’s already a couple of hundred of Canna Culture Ambassadors out there, ...wanna join? Ten or more member can start their own charter email when you are ready! 


Ready to climb aboard and join us on our mission?

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